Chalet la neige

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Come up and enjoy great adventure and nature in Minakami
Great outdoor adventure, Rafting, Canyoning, Canoe, Mountain-Biking, paragliding and etc. are held aggressively here, in Minakami !
La Neige special package plans are affordable !
お得なラ・ネージュ ポイント・サービス
La-Neige Point -Service
As a special thanks to our guests, we will give you 1 point per person after 1 night stay. And after getting 10 points, 1 person can stay 1 night in free of charge. We hope you enjoy staying at La-Neige


Chalet la Neige
3831-7 Fujiwara,Minakami-machi,Tone-gun,Gunma 379-1721 TEL:0278-75-2828
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