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Hike the Summit of Mt Tanigawa or do an overninght around the Tanigawa Range. There are many different lenght trails with varying difficulty to choose from.(30min by car)
(20min by car)
(10min by car)
Lake Naramata
(20min by car)
Yunokoya Onsen
(20min by car)
Takarawaga Onsen
One of Japan's most famous outdoor hot springs
4 enormous outdoor baths with a river flowing through the middle. (10min by car)
(40min by car)

Ceramic art
5 minutes from Minakami I.C.
by car
How about making only one original work in the world.
After visiting the workshop to see the process of ceramic and works, please challenge to make your own work.
The staff will teach you how to create it kindly. About 2 weeks later, your baked pottery will reach to your home by Takkyu-bin(home-delivery service).
Handmade course( about 1 - 2 hours)
\1,250 for 500g clay(including guide fee, baking fee and tax, not including postage fee)
painting picture course(30 minutes - one hour)
cup 800yen (small size)cup 1,00yen(large size), not including postage fee 
Glass art
10minutes from Tsukiyono I.C.
15minutes from Minakami I.C.
You can visit workshop, the glass art museum and you can enjoy both shopping and challenging the glass experience. There is a restaurant in it and you can taste local beer in original glass there.
It will take 10 minutes to 1hour
- Blowing glass 3,500yen to 5,000 yen depends of size (reservation in advance is necessary)
- Stained glass 1,000yen
- Sand blast 800yen
- Hot works 1,500yen
- Picture painting course 1,000yen
- Making Music box experience 1,400yen etc.
There are so many kinds of introductory course of the glasswork that even a little child can challenge and enjoy. Please make resevation only for the blowing glass by telephone beforehand.


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