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Do you accept credit cards?
We can accept only VISA or MasterCard.
What are the Check-in & Check-out time?

Check-in: 3:00 pm
Check-out: 10:00 am
※During the summer season, check-in will be after the activities if you booked in.
Dinner starts by 6:30 pm.So please arrive until at that time. And would you please contact us in case you are late for the dinner.
※During the winter season, changing rooms, luggage storage and parking are available from check-in date 8:00 am and after check-out. Please leave the car keys in the front-desk.

How about the facilities and amenities?

-In-room TV・HVAC
-Bath Towel
-Tooth Brush and Paste
-Hot Water Pot and Tea Set
Guest rooms are non smoking.
Sleeping wear is not available. Yukata is available for an extra JPY200.
※ LAN cable and a few Humidifier is available for free. Please contact front-desk.

How about the bathroom and toilets?

No toilets and showers in the room.
1 male and 1 female bathrooms are available. Private bathing time can be available during weekdays. Please consult front-desk.
Amenities: Shampoo & Conditioner, Body Soap, Soap, Cleanser, Weight Scale.
For males: Razor, Comb, Cotton Swab
For females: Skin Care Set, Hair Brush, Shower Cap, Cotton Swab
Hair dryer is available in the common lavatory area.

Dinner & Breakfast

Enjoy our western full-course dinner in a cozy restaurant. Dinner menu features 170g sirloin steak and 3 selected deserts.
Kid’s full course dinner for elementary school children.

Dinner is 6:30 pm during the summer and 6:00 pm during the winter.
Breakfast is 8:00 am. If you are leaving earlier, please consult us.
Please don’t hesitate in contact us if you would like special menu due to allergies.

Can I send luggage?
Please send your ski, snowboard or other luggage to the following address.
379-1721 Gunma-ken Tone-gun Minakami-machi Fujiwara 3831-7 Chalet La Neige
What happens if i need to make a cancellation?

In the event of cancellations the following charges apply. Number decreases are also considered cancellation. In case of cancellation or changes please inform us in advance.
14 - 4 days before JPY3,000 per person
3 - day before 50%
On the day 100%


Chalet la Neige
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