Chalet la neige

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Appetizer style salada is served first. Soup covered with pie is called "dome-soup". It's as popular as onion gratin soup.
For fish-dishes, lobster or gratin of scallop coverd with pie and etc.
Main dish is 170g sirloin steak! Of course, if you stay 2 or more nights, you can enjoy different menu each day. As we prepare and start dinner at just 18:30 in summer, please come to La-Neige until that time. We hope you enjoy our dishes when they are in best timing.

The original wine of La-Neige is produced by Mr. Tsukada, owner of Tsukada winery, friend of La-Neige owner.
Especiallyl unique one is "draft wine". The taste is very fruity.
It's different from "Nouveau", but the taste of that year's wine can be read by "Nama-wine/draft wine", too. It is one of the enjoyments in autumn. Red and Chardonnay are also recommendable. The well-known brand Japanese -sake from Niigata prefecture and champagne are also assorted.

Please enjoy our sweets even if your stomach is full with La-Neige dinner!
For dessert, we usually serve three kinds of sweets on a plate.

We serve American style breakfast.
Bread, salad, ham, egg or spanish omelet, fruits, soup and coffee or tea.
"Ham of the KAWABA-MEAT" is tasty.・・・ the workman of that factory had trained in Germany and had took the prize there.

If you prefer light breakfast like European breakfast without soup or just cornflakes, please inform us in advance at dinner time.


Chalet la Neige
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